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The Mother Of All Conventional Deadlift Tutorials

The Mother Of All Conventional Deadlift Tutorials

Hey Bobas! 

Hope you all took some time to unwind over the weekend and feel re-energized and ready to smash out another week of training!

For all the lifters out there - or those who know one, today I wanted to share with you an epic conventional deadlift tutorial released by my very own coach, Amir Fazeli (@the_sportperformancecoach). The tutorial covers the A to Z of the correct technique and execution of the conventional deadlift.

Amir is the head coach of Adonis Athletics who have produced countless world class athletes in the field of powerlifting, weightliting, fields sports and strongman. He is also a former International Powerlifting Federation world record holder in the heavily stacked 83kg weight class, pulling 316kg (697lbs) - and has no trouble practicing what he preaches.

Having worked with Amir for over four years, I have experienced his coaching prowess first hand and benefited enormously - going from a 180kg deadlift to 260kg hulk-smash-level lift while competing in the 66kg/74kg weight class (and yes that's me in the picture 😅)

If you want to take your deadlift to the NEXT LEVEL then watch this video to pick up some of the knowledge that Amir’s dropping - and if you like what you see, pay it forward by sharing this article with your fellow gym rats, friends and family!

Stay Strong!
Ken Nguyen
Founder of Bobble Strength



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